Gaithersburg Church of the Nazarene Disaster Preparedness

                                               Shelter in place

                                                 Psalms 61:1-3

(1) Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer. (2) From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I. (3) For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy.


  Should a situation appear that you are not able to evacuate, always have at least 60 to a maximum of 90 days of canned and boxed goods to survive in your home.  Ensure that you have rolls of duck tape and a large roll of construction plastic, which can be bought at any hardware store. The plastic (This is used for any type of bio or chem attack, not to be used in a nuclear attack) will be used to seal off all openings such as windows, doors, air vents and your stove exhaust vent, dryer vent and bathroom vents. make sure you have your evacuation kit with you in the area you will be staying. Only Fill approved water containers. (Reason for so much food on hand is - May not be any transportation for food to get to your location for awhile, such as Martial law / strikes / chemical attack / bio attack or a nuclear incident).... YOUR ON YOUR OWN ! Do not depend on the Govt to help you , they will be more concerned about them selves !

 Make sure you have shovels and other tools you may need after the emergency is over available in your shelter.

 Do not store fuel in the same place you are sheltering in.

 If you are interested in building our own shelter in or at your home, contact your disaster coordinator for a copy of the FEMA plans.

  Have water stored in 5 gal containers (one can per person) which are approved for storage, * Hint, a cap full of bleach in 5 gal of water will prevent any growth of anything for 6 months, keep the water in a cool dark area. Stored can goods and dry goods (stored in sealed containers). *** All food and water  above ground will be contaminated by Radiation no matter if they are in a can or not, same with food, A emergency windup /solar radio, A portable toilet (See attached info on toilet),  ABC fire extinguisher, medical supplies in a sealed container, sleeping bags, cots or mats, wind up flashlight (once a blast hits there will be no batteries avail), pry bar, axe, shovel (You may have to dig your way out after), do not store any flammables/chemicals/glass or sharp objects where you are to take shelter. To learn more on how to build a shelter in your house go to the following web site;

  There are two types of shelters, Standalone and internal.

 A standalone shelter is considered a separate building, not within or attached  to any other building. this type of shelter has the following characteristics:

1. It may be sited away from potential debris hazards.

2. it will be structurally and mechanically separate from any building and therefore not vulnerable to being weakened if part of an adjacent structure collapses or if * CBR event occurs in the adjacent building.

3. It does not need to be integrated into an existing building design.

* (CBR is Chem/Bio/Radiation) 

 An internal shelter is a specially designed and constructed room or area within or attached to a larger building that is designed and constructed to be structurally independent of the larger building and to withstand the range of natural and manmade hazards.  this type of shelter has the following characteristics:

1. It is partially shielded by the surrounding building and may not experience the full force of the blast.

2. it is designed to be within a new building and may be located in an area of the building that the occupants can reach quickly, easily, and without having to go outside, such as a data center, conference room, gym, or cafeteria.

3. It may reduce the shelter cost because it is typically part of a planned renovation or building project.

For either type of shelter, you must consider a air ventilation system requirements, should you be sheltered for more than 24 hours.  a tabletop recirculation filter unit or a built in air filteration unit (hand cranked or power supplied unit) rated for CBR should be installed.

For more information on ventilation units, contact your disaster preparedness coordinator. 

                         How to prepare for radiation blast / fallout at home

 Should you have a cellar or basement and you have time to prepare, fill all basement windows outside with soil to seal it off from the radiation. All cell phones are useless and so are PC’s after a blast. An EMP (Electro magnetic Pulse) wave will knock out all electronics. There will be no power, water, or fuel once this happens. A study of how an EMP wave will effect the nation is frightening. A small nuke exploded as an air burst over half the nation will knock out the majority of the nation and will push it to the dark ages for an estimated five years, until we get replacement parts for the power plants and transformers from Europe. Your disaster kit should be in or near your shelter area at all times. This also means no deliver of food to stores since all transportation will be useless. (To learn how to protect electronics from EMP see the following attachment below on EMP)

 For a copy of the shelter design plans, contact your disaster coordinator. The plans can be modified for a larger area if you wish.

  The reason we are mentioning nuclear incidents. there are two nuclear power plants, The Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plants (CCNPP) the nuclear power plants located on the western shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Lusby, Calvert County.

 Should one of the plants melt down and explode, the fallout would create massive deaths over the short and long term. This would contaminate all water sources and food sources. Anything you touch that has the fall out dust will contaminate you and your clothing.  should you be close enough for the blast to effect you, you would be vaporized within a certain range of the blast, if you are further out, you would be thrown with the debris caught up in the blast and ripped apart by the high winds or burned so bad that you may not live past a week. short term, a slow and painful death from radiation poison.

  The Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex at Kirtland AFB has the largest number of nuclear warheads deployed in a single location in the Washington DC area.

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) 


  Quick note about EMP : An E.M.P. (Electromagnetic Pulse) will wipe out all electronics of every type if not protected. This can happen from a solar flare which has brought planes down, burned power lines and knocked out power plants. Should a large burst be expected, at times you may have minutes to prep. You should have on hand a storage container with all electronic items you wish to protect, this is called a Faraday Cage, this is a metal container which is insulated with rubber, (insulate the inside from the outside of the wire so there is no contact with the metal cage.) , so when you place your items inside they do not make contact with any metal. some are made with 2x4 or 2x6 boards set up as a open box frame with (fine mesh) metal window screen wire wrapped all around it, the mesh has to be grounded to a ground rod with a braided ground mesh strap in between. Keep braided strap as short as possible. there should be no open spots in the container for the EMP to enter. the mesh wire most be over lapping in order to seal the 2x4 box shell you made. the mesh may be stapled to the wood and the door or lid should have the mesh making contact to the mesh of the walls. once completed, to test the cage, put your cell phone in it, close the cage, then call the phone. it should not ring or even get any bars on it. this flare will fry all electronics no matter if you just toss it in the basement. Cars(except cars prior full electronic age cars 70's models and back are fine), power grid, no power for water pumps at station, no frig to keep your food cold, no gasoline at pumps. if this happens many people will die. we will be thrown back to the times of no power of the 1800's. death rate will climb so high that the plague of the middle ages will be small in comparison to the solar flares.

NASA has warned the world that we are expecting huge solar flares in the coming months. this warning have fallen on deaf ears as of Jan 2012, NASA has repeated the warning on Apr 2013 again. 

For more detailed info , contact Dave Ortiz, Disaster Preparedness Coord. 


A nuclear burst has the same effect as a solar flare, just has more to it like heat / flame blast, air blown debris, and pressure change to blow your ear drums make you bleed from all openings on your body, and radiation !


                              General Information About Terrorism

Terrorism is the use of force or violence against persons or property in violation of the criminal laws of the United States for the purposes of intimidation, coercion, or ransom.

 Terrorists often use threats to:

   *  Create fear among the public.

   *  Try to convince that their government is powerless to prevent terrorism.

   *  Get immeadiate publicity for their causes.

 Acts of terrorism include threats of terrorism; asassinations; kidnappings, hijackings; bomb scares and bombings; cyber attacks (computer-based); and use of chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological weapons

  High-risk targets for acts of terrorism


 If you have time, turn off ventilation and heating systems, close windows, vents, fireplace dampers, exhaust fans, and clothes dryer vents, tape all window, vents and door frames closed. Retrieve your disaster supplies kit and a battery-powered radio and take them to your shelter room (Preferable would be a basement). Also have a 5 Gal. bucket with trash bags for use of human waste used as a toilet when locked in a shelter.

 Seek shelter immediately, preferably underground or in an interior room of a building, placing as much distance and dense shielding as possible between you and the outdoors where the radioactive (Do not leave your shelter for 72 hours when radiation is involved) material or chemical / Bio (some Bio and chemical have a lasting effect and will not dissipate as radiation may).

 Seal windows and external doors that do not fit snugly with duct tape to reduce infiltration of radioactive particles. Plastic sheeting will not provide shielding from radioactivity nor from blast effects of a nearby explosion, but may be useful for chemical or Bio weapons.

Be prepared to defend your home from criminals and gangs looking for food, fuel, water and valuables. This means, Get over your fear of owning a weapon, training with a weapon is the one thing that will keep you and yours from getting killed from a mob wanting your water, food and fuel. it will save you and your family from death. (Police are an after the fact, they will be there if they are available to take a report or make a show of force only during a national emergency). if they are alive !

Listen for official instructions and follow directions, if they make sense. if you live in a city,  to escape at the late hour would just mean you will be parked in a super large parking lot on 495 or 95.


 Seek shelter indoors immediately in the nearest undamaged building, in a room without windows. Insure that the walls are solid brick/concrete. Walls with sheet rock and 2x4's will not stop the alpha and beta radiation. underground shelters are better then above ground for protection. Concrete rooms with no windows are best. Time is a killer, waste it and you could be dead or suffer a painful slow death from radiation poisoning. (Refer to one of the videos attached to this web page about nuclear blasts)

 If appropriate shelter is not available, move as rapidly, as safe upwind and away from the location of the explosive blast / chemical or bio. Then, seek appropriate shelter as soon as possible. Report any symptoms to medical personnel.

 Listen for official instructions and follow directions.

                                    How and where to store water

   What would you do if your water supply became                 

contaminated ? Natural or manmade disasters can interrupt the flow of clean water. Following a disaster, some people may not have access to food or water for days or weeks. You can live for days without food, but you must have water or you will dehydrate. Whenever there is a crisis, water is the first thing to go and will be worth more then gold.


Each person in your family will need a 72-hour emergency supply of water (this is short term amounts). This is appoximately one gallon per-person per day. or three gallons, plus an additional six gallons for washing, cooking, sponge bathing, laundry, dishes , etc.


Recommend a three month supply of water if possible. This is approximately 90 Gal's per person for drinking and 90 gal's for extra cooking and washing. Children, nursing mothers and sick people may need more. Store a little extra for them. There are several ways to store this much water.


Many types of containers can be used for water storage. A good way to store water is in heavy plastic or glass containers. you can order 55 gal or more water drums which are blue from the internet.

Make sure containers used for water storage are food grade with high quality PET rating and have never been previously held chemicals or poisons. All containers need to be cleaned thoroughly because whatever was in the container will leach into the water and make it taste bad. Juice bottles or soda 2ltr or 1 ltr bottles  should be rinsed out fully.

All stored water needs to be checked occasionally for cloudiness and leakage. If the water looks and tastes bad then change it. If you have any questions about purity of the water, then purify or boil it for 10 mins before using it. If the water tastes flat, you can pour it back and forth between containers to aerate it or whip it to introduce more oxygen into the water.


Glass canning jars, glass containers and two liter soda bottles work the best. Gatorade, apple juice or cranberry juice bottles are great also. If you want to save every heavy plastic containers that are emptied, store them in the basement as well as the garage, keep them from the sunlight. Fill them 1/2 inch from the top to allow for expansion in case the bottles freeze.  seal them with tight fitting lids, some folks use melted wax around the lids.


Plastic bleach bottles can be used to store water but not for drinking, only for cleaning and washing hands. Store it away from the drinking water and label it with a black marker. Keep these away from kids so they dont use it by accident.

kids never read labels and will confuse it with drinking water. Bleach will dissapate after a certain amount of time if the lid is left off the container and left to air out.


Bottled water can be bought in most grocery stores. They come in boxes and can be stacked. You can buy larger quanities at discount prices. but, the chemicals used to make these bottles will leach into the water and they break down after time.


Tap water that comes from the city water system contains enough chlorine to be safe for long term water storage. Just fill your containers with tap water and store them away from sunlight, The basement is the best storage location, its cool dark. a garage will do if no basement is available.


Commercial water storage barrels are available and they come in several sizes. only use new barrels and never used ones. To store a large amount of water, 55 gallon drums made from plastic polyethylene can be obtained at most food storage comapnies. If you  use a 55 Gal drum, and fill it with water, it will be so heavy that it cannot be moved, so it will need a permanent location. you will need a hand pump with hose and/or a spigot to get the water into smaller containers when needed.


Water can be stored in a quart size jars sealed by the water bath canning method. Fill the jars with water leaving a head space of about one inch, then tighten the lid and ring onto the jar. Boil the jars in a water bath or use a steamer canner. Store the jars with cardboard in between so they dont break. If you are using a boiling water bath be sure to put a wire rack on the bottom of the kettle so the jars do not touch the bottom and break. Pint jars require 20 mins boiling time, quart jars requires 25 mins. You can also pour boiling water into a canning jar and seal it with the lid and ring that has been boiling in water. Let it set on the counter until it cools off and it will seal it self.

250 gallon water super tanker:

This large cylinder shaped water tank is ideal for tucking away in a corner of a garage or storage room. You will feel safer with having a large quanity of clean safe water to use. This 250 gallon or 125 gallon water tanker is shaped to easily fit through doors or set on the floor or your garage. With two locations for nozzles and being set up to be gravity fed, there is no need to worry about pumps. The larger tanker is equipped for 250 days of water storage (based on one gallon per person per day). This super tanker is sold on this website-   

it is shipped from salt lake city, Utah.


Milk jugs **are not good** containers to store water in. After about six months they will start to biodegrade, collapse and leak. Even the 1 gallon blue containers that you can fill up at grocery stores don't last for very long. They are not heavy duty enough to last. You will have a big mess.


The importance of storing clean water for emergencies. If  you use contaminated water for drinking or cooking, it can cause stomach aches, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fever and even death. Life threatening illnesses include hepatitis, cholera, amebic dysentery, viral infection and typhoid fever. it's better to take precautions and disinfect your water before you use it.


In an emergency situation, immediately shut off the water supply to your home (You can buy a water shut off tool at your hardware store). It's a good idea to locate the shut off valve before you need it and teach everyone in the family to do it after a disaster. The main gas valve must be shut off also. You can drain the pipes and collect the water that is left in your water lines. Just turn on the faucet that is located in the highest room of the house to let air into the lines. Draw the water from the lowest faucet of the house.


The water in the water heater is available for use. Be sure to shut off the incoming water or intake valve to prevent the contaminated water from mixing with the safe water. To take water out of the tank, open the drain valve. A hose can be attached to this valve and the water drained into containers. you should drain your tank once a year to rid it of sediment. (It would be helpful if your water heater is raised 2 or 3 feet  above the ground level). 

The water in the tank of the toilett, not the bowl, can be scooped out and used if needed.

Liquids for drinking can be obtained from canned fruits, juices, vegetables, or anything that was water packed in the canning process.

Snow can be melted and rain water can be used, If you have a collection barrel. Be sure to disinfect the water before drinking. Boiling it where it is popping large bubbles in the whole pot for 5 mins, this will kill all bacteria.

Swimming pools or spas contain treated water. Boiled, it could be used. Lakes, streams, ponds, rivers and ditches contain water that can be used if it is clarified and treated with one of the methods I will describe below. To clarify, strain the water through a cotton cloth placed over a bowl or pot. This will take out impurities. (Clarify first, then boil it)

Remember, there is no way to purify water that has been contaminated by radiation.


You can purify water by adding any regular household bleach that is not more then 1 year old. Bleach loses its effectiveness after a year. The most common bleach solutions contain 5.25 percent sodium hypochlorite. Add the bleach solution to the water and mix thoroughly by stirring or shaking it.  Then let it stand for 30 minutes so the bleach can do its job. (Do not use lemon scent or perfumed bleach)

     The Following table shows the proper amount of bleach to add to water


 Amount of water

 to purify

 Amount of bleach to add to clear


 Amount of bleach to add to

 cloudy water

 1 Quart

 1 Gal

 5 Gal

 2 drops

 8 drops

1/2 Teaspoon

 4 drops

 16 drops

 1 Teaspoon



You can use ordinary 2 percent tincture of iodine, which you may have in your medicine cabinet. To purify small quantities of water add three drops of tincture of iodine to each quart of clear water or six drops to each quart of cloudy water. Stir well and let it stand for 30 minutes. This water will be a brownish red color and will have a slight taste of iodine. Pregnant woman and people with thyroid problems should not use this method.


Water purification tablets release chlorine or iodine to purify the water. You can buy them at most sporting goods stores or drug stores. These tablets have a shelf life of five years unopened.


Halazone tablets for emergency water disinfection are carried by emergency medical technicians or paramedics. They can be bought in some drug stores. The shelf life of these tablets is only 2 years, so check the the label to see how long it has been on the drugstore shelf before you buy it. Keep these tablets tightly sealed. If the tablets turn yellow or smell bad, do not use them. Again allow the water to stand at least 30 mins before using it.


Do not rely on water purifiers to substitute for stored water. If you use a water filter or home purifier you must still purify the water by boiling or using a chemical. Reverse osmosis devices and home distillers cannot be relied upon to remove grossly contaminated water. Even though these devices are not reliable to remove contamination, they can remove chlorine or iodine after the water has been safely disinfected. Using a water purifier will greatly improve the taste.


ION is a stabilized oxygen product that i have found to be very effective in water treatment. Many studies have been done on this product and it is concluded that ION will kill giardia, cholera and dysentery within a few minutes. It does not have any of the harmful side effects that are associated with chlorine or iodine. ION is a high concentration of oxygen.

High levels of oxygen will kill harmful bacteria. The name ION stands for ions of oxygen with a negative charge. By removing the positive charge from the water process creates stabilized nontoxic oxygen. Anaerobic pathogens or infectious microorganisms in the water cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. ION will not harm normal flora in our bodies. ION can be taken every day (Five drops per 8 ounce of water) This will help boost the immune system by introducing stabilized oxygen into the bloodstream.

ION can be used medicinally and can be used every day to prevent illness. It can be applied topically on wounds to kill any harmful bacteria. It's great to put in the medical kit. One bottle of ION will treat 110 gallons of water. To use , add 20 drops of ION to a gallon of water.

It will neutralize bee strings and bites from spiders or snakes. ION can be mixed with Tea Tree Oil or as a carrier to help drive it deep into the skin.

ION should not be used full strength. Diluting it down with water (Five drops of ION to 8 ounces of water) is the best way to use it. If you use it on your plants they will grow larger also.

You can find ION at this website listed,, click on the ION water purification.