Gaithersburg Church of the Nazarene Disaster Preparedness

Church Disaster Preparedness Coodinator (Local) - Gaithersburg, MD.

Otto David Ortiz - Experience as a member of a Red Cross Disaster team member in the BlueBonnet Chapter of Texas, trained in disaster feeding, shelter management, damage accessment, intro to disaster, held First Aid and CPR instructors certification, operated at a first aid station for the Red cross, worked on local disasters such as tornados and participated in regional disaster training. Attended courses: Hazardous materials awarness NFPA 472-02, Recognizing and identifying hazardous materials, Hazardous materials handlers, Pet Friendly shelter training, HAM radio operator volunteer for the City of Hampton Roads ARES/RACES disaster Emergency Radio Communications Group, Firefighters role in fire cause determination (Arson), FEMA Introduction to the incident command system, FEMA Emergency program manager an orientation to the position, FEMA continuity of operations (COOP), -FEMA Emergency Preparedness, FEMA Radiological emegency management, FEMA Preparedness planning in nuclear crisis, Deployment basics for FEMA response partners, FEMA National incident management system (NIMS) intro, FEMA Emergency support function (ESF) #2 Communications, Command and control, Aircraft Recognition and familiarization, Federal police officer, Texas Police officer, Basic police management, Terrorist awareness, Area security, Material control, Installation security, Civil disturbance operations, Military police investigations, Physical security planning, Family and juvenile investigations, Child abuse, Rural tactical operations counterdrug taskforce, Instinctive shooting course, Nightfire techniques, Smith&Wesson firearms instructor for military and law enforcememnt, 11 1/2 yrs as a professional soldier and 8 yrs in the Texas State Guard as Military police and Training NCO for the BN/Brigade Hqs and senior instructor for military subjects/state of Texas laws and medical subjects, part of a search and rescue operations team, Bomb threat and bomb search, Explosives ordnance recognition / radiographic interpretation and bomb threat search procedures, Security specialist instructor, Chemical aerosol"s user, Overview of training management, conduct training, prepare to conduct training, First aid in disasters. 

Church Disaster Preparedness Coodinator / Security (Local) - Gaithersburg, MD.

Duane  Caneva - Medical Doctor,